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Knowing Our Rights: Women, family, laws and customs in the Muslim world - 3rd edition

This third and completely revised version of the "Knowing Our Rights" handbook is an essential resource for those taking a critical and questioning approach to rights, laws, and constructions of womanhood in Muslim countries and communities and beyond. "Knowing Our Rights" forms part of the international synthesis of the Women & Law in the Muslim world Programme and is based on some 10 years of field experience, research and analysis by multi-disciplinary teams of networkers in over 20 countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Transformation: a Feminist Perspective

Nausikaa Schirilla
The conception of intercultural dialogue is in a certain sense a contribution to conflict transformation, as many conflicts have a cultural dimension or are touching cultural problems. Therefore I will first outline in this paper what I understand by intercultural dialogue and present my idea of it. Secondly I will show in which way intercultural dialogue can contribute to conflict transformation and thirdly 1 will say what could be a feminist perspective in approaching this question.

Photo Competition “Violence against Women in the Mediterranean”

addressed to young women, ages 18-40 in Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Morocco and Spain, under the theme “Violence against Women in the Mediterranean”. This competition is organised within the framework of the project “Intercultural Dialogue on Violence against Women” funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between the Cultures.

Stop the summary execution of three Iraqi women.

Call for worldwide intensifying mobilization.

Wassan, Zainab and Liqa are no longer anonymous. From Berlin to Baghdad, we salute all those that through public demonstrations, personal moral conviction, or resistance in their given situation, have linked the lives of three Iraqi women — indeed, all Iraqi women — to the dignity and resilience of the nation of Iraq under the hammer of a defeated occupation. As 20 March 2007 — the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq — approaches, we hope all stay mobilized to secure the wellbeing of Wassan, Zeinab and Liqa. We demand the liberation of all political prisoners in Iraq.

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Violence against Women

Statement from the Special Rapporteur of the UN.

Stop the executions!

Women ask High Court to stop gender division on public buses

Dr. Heba Kotb. the first arab TV programme about sex.

Towards the Rise of Women in the Arab World

The fourth Arab Human Development Report - UNDP -

Womenhunt in Egypt

By Claude Guibal

Ministerial Conclusions on Strengthening the Role of Women in Society

14-15 November 2006, Istanbul

Women in the Mediterranean Mirror - Les femmes dans le miroir méditerranéen


Euromed and Women

Gender and Occupation

By: Amira Howeidy

Assiwar - Arab Feminist Movement in Support of Victims of Sexual Abuse (Haifa)

Femnet Trining manual on gender based violence

Razor’s Edge - The Controversy of Female Genital Mutilation

Women as Equal Citizens: Advocating for Change in Muslim-Majority Societies. Washington

Wednesday, September 6, 20

ASWAT - Palestinian Gay Women




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