Algeria Islamic body rules on "terror rape"

Algeria: Justice given to women in Hassi Messaoud

Alliance For Arab Women (Egypt)

Arab Regional Resource Center on Violence against Women (Jordan)

Assiwar - Arab Feminist Movement in Support of Victims of Sexual Abuse (Haifa)

Beirut hosts ’honour killing’ conference

Call for worldwide intensifying mobilization.

Caught in the middle: Women in Lebanon

By Ghada Khouri

Center of Listening & Orientation for Women Victims of Violence (Maroc)

Comparative assessment of women’s rights in the Middle East and North Africa: A profund disadvantage, in the 17 countries reviewed

Femnet Trining manual on gender based violence

FGM Networking and Education Project

Gender and Occupation

By: Amira Howeidy

Honor Killings in Palestine

By Suzanne Ruggi

Iraq. Campaign to defend the life and safety of Marywan Halabjaye

A petition from the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq - UK Branch

Is it the responsibility of the state or the community?

(35 cases of murder, 30 cases of suicide, 54 cases of rape)

Jordan: Royals lead honour killing protest

Lebanese Council to Resist Violence Against Women (LCRVAW)

Legal analysis of the framework law on integrated protection measures against gender violence in Spain from the feminist viewpoint

For Maria Duran Faber


Razor’s Edge - The Controversy of Female Genital Mutilation

Syrian Women’s Union

The Lebanese Council to Resist Violence Against Women (LCRVAW)

The women court (Arab World)

Violence against women and HIV/AIDS

16 Days of Activism/World AIDS Day


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