Algeria Islamic body rules on "terror rape"

Democrats or devils?: a women’s model parliament

By Dahlia Scheindlin

How Islamic is political Islam?

Lebanese thinker Radwan Al-Sayyid tells Omayma Abdel-Latif (El Ahram-Weekly) about the contradictions of revivalism, and the need for both political and religious reform.

Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Transformation: a Feminist Perspective

Nausikaa Schirilla

Iraq. Campaign to defend the life and safety of Marywan Halabjaye

A petition from the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq - UK Branch

Islam and fundamentalism. Impact on Human Rights of women

Salma Khan

Knowing Our Rights: Women, family, laws and customs in the Muslim world - 3rd edition


Manifest for Alliances among Civilizations

Submission, Part I [2004] film by Vicent van Gogh

The EuroMeSCo Report generated the debate

Its website keep it open for further opinions


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