es 2009-06-28 11:59:11 Montserrat Boix 2009-06-28T09:59:11Z text/html es Montserrat Boix 2009-06-25 00:29:52 Montserrat Boix 2009-06-24T22:29:52Z text/html es Montserrat Boix Knowing Our Rights: Women, family, laws and customs in the Muslim world - 3rd edition 2009-01-15 14:07:40 This third and completely revised version of the "Knowing Our Rights" handbook is an essential resource for those taking a critical and questioning approach to rights, laws, and constructions of womanhood in Muslim countries and communities and beyond. "Knowing Our Rights" forms part of the international synthesis of the Women & Law in the Muslim world Programme and is based on some 10 years of field experience, research and analysis by multi-disciplinary teams of networkers in over 20 countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Montserrat Boix 2009-01-15T13:07:40Z text/html en Montserrat Boix 2008-12-15 21:45:26 Montserrat Boix 2008-12-15T20:45:26Z text/html es Montserrat Boix 2008-04-06 20:24:24 Montserrat Boix 2008-04-06T18:24:24Z text/html es Montserrat Boix Il prezzo del velo. La guerra dell'Islam contro le donne. 2008-02-24 11:07:05 Montserrat Boix 2008-02-24T10:07:05Z text/html it Montserrat Boix Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Transformation: a Feminist Perspective 2008-01-02 09:53:27 The conception of intercultural dialogue is in a certain sense a contribution to conflict transformation, as many conflicts have a cultural dimension or are touching cultural problems. Therefore I will first outline in this paper what I understand by intercultural dialogue and present my idea of it. Secondly I will show in which way intercultural dialogue can contribute to conflict transformation and thirdly 1 will say what could be a feminist perspective in approaching this question. Montserrat Boix 2008-01-02T08:53:27Z text/html en Montserrat Boix Les femmes face aux transformations socio-économiques. 2007-11-28 20:07:40 Malika Abdelaziz 2007-11-28T19:07:40Z text/html es Malika Abdelaziz Las lesbianas palestinas alzan la voz para que la sociedad reconozca sus derechos 2007-10-11 09:07:40 Montserrat Boix 2007-10-11T07:07:40Z text/html es Montserrat Boix The First Victims are Women. 2007-09-25 18:25:05 The new law obliged the population to enroll in a health fund. As a result, primary health care are more accessible. The new law had a negative side. It permitted the Health Funds to offer a higher level of services to those who could pay. Earlier, some 190,000 citizens-mostly Arabs- had no medical coverage at all. Arab women are on the bottom rung when it comes to health. 42% are overweight. Heart disease was and is higher among Arabs, and fewer recover from it. In these illnesses, diet plays an important role. As a result of changes in the Arab way of life, the rate of diabetes among Arab women is double that among Jewish. Women's lack of independence and their inferior social status cause psychological pressures that hasten the eruption of illness. The basket of subsidized medicines does not include birth control devices. Unwanted pregnancies keep women from gaining autonomy over their lives and bodies. They are less able to exercise their right to plan the timing of pregnancies. Malika Abdelaziz 2007-09-25T16:25:05Z text/html es Malika Abdelaziz