Second Pan_Arab Regional Conference for the World Summit on Information Society in Egypt

Monday 28th February 2005.

The Second Pan-Arab Regional Conference for the World Summit on Information Society will take place in Cairo on the 8- 10th of May 2005 in preparation for the Second Phase of the Summit (Tunis, November 2005). The conference entitled "Towards WSIS II; An Arab Regional Dialogue", will be held under the auspices of The League of Arab States, in coordination with The International Telecommunications Union and WSIS Secretariat. The event is organized and hosted by The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology- Egypt. The conference comes in response to the call of Prep-Com I (Hammamet, June 2003) inviting the international community to organize regional conferences and thematic meetings in preparation for the Summit.

The workings of the conference will revolve around the activation of the Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action issued in the first phase of the Summit. In this context, Pan-Arab concerns and issues will be discussed. The conference is expected to produce an updated version of The Pan Arab Regional Plan of Action.

In addition, the conference will include an international dimension and African dimension, allowing the Arab region to hold a constructive debate on issues of relevance with the international community before the last round of negotiations in September 2005. This dimension will be organized in cooperation with The African Union and interested international entities.

See online: Towards WSIS II: An Arab Regional Dialogue.

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