Established in 1994, RAINBO is an African led international non-governmental organisation working on issues of women’s empowerment, gender, reproductive health, sexual autonomy and freedom from violence as central components of the African development agenda.

RAINBO specifically strives to enhance global efforts to eliminate the practice of Female Circumcision / Female Genital Mutilation (FC/FGM) through facilitating women’s self-empowerment and accelerating social change.

The work of RAINBO is divided into two main programmatic areas:

Integrated Initiative Against FGM including the Small Grants Project

-  AMANITARE, the African Partnership for the Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights of Women and Girls Integrated Initiative against FGM

Since it was established, RAINBO has gained a reputation as the lead technical agency in the field of FGM and has succeeded in redefining and repositioning FC/FGM in a gender, human rights and violation of women context. The Integrated Initiative Against FGM was launched in 2003 and its work focuses on the following activities:

-  Technical tools and assistance Provision of direct support in the form of training, consultations and technical assistance to international donor and technical agencies, African governments and NGO’s. Development of tools including a multimedia interactive training CD-ROM on design, monitoring and evaluation of FC/FGM interventions.

Information exchange

RAINBO is developing a web-based centre of FC/FGM information including news, key facts, recent advances, updates on successful projects.

Publication of research findings in scientific journals and through our collaboration with INTACT research network.

Small Grants Project

RAINBO offers direct grant making to organisations with projects focusing on FC/FGM in Africa. Since 1995 the project has worked with 76 organisations in 20 African countries and awarded over $850,000 in grants. The fund prioritises grants to smaller organisations who promote innovative and effective approaches which facilitate women and girls’ self empowerment and involve the community.

The Small Grants also supports organisations to enhance their project or their organisational capacity. RAINBO’s project staff will give project design and evaluation assistance to maximise impact or provide support through consultants in country or from another country in the region through its South-to-South technical assistance scheme.


2nd December 2004


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