Stop the executions!

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Hanging the womb of Iraqso

Stop the executions!

Wassan Talib, 31 years old, Zainab Fadhil, 25 years old, and Liqa Omar Muhammad, 26 years old, face imminent execution in Iraq, all charged with “offences against the public welfare” by a government that cannot even provide electricity but fills the streets with dead bodies. All are in Baghdad’s Al-Kadhimiya Prison. Two have small children beside them. The 1-year-old daughter of Liqa was born in prison. All women deny the charges for which they face hanging.

Paragraph 156 of the Iraqi Penal Code, under which they were judged, reads: “Any person who wilfully commits an act with intent to violate the independence of the country or its unity or the security of its territory and that act by its nature, leads to such violation is punishable by death.” Iraq’s “puppet” government charges these women with its own crimes.

None of the three women was permitted to see a lawyer. The trials to which they were subject are illegal under international law. All three are prisoners of war with protected rights under the Third Geneva Convention. Their execution would not only be illegal and summary, it would be utterly immoral. Civilization around the world reviles the death penalty while Iraq’s feudal leaders make a public spectacle of executions.

In a country where it is evident there is no state or judicial system, the occupation and its puppet government use, as all repressive regimes in history, fake tribunals to exterminate those who oppose them. No legal judgement can be issued while there isn’t the civilised conditions of due process, at least the presence and security of lawyers.

Iraqi women are testament to the life of the nation of Iraq. By contrast, the US-installed government, in its backwardness, imposes only a culture of death. Whereas Iraq was the most progressive state in the region for women’s rights, with the US invasion protective legislation was cancelled. The United States and its local conspirators, in creating hundreds of thousands of widows and reducing life in Iraq to a struggle for bare survival, have placed women in the crosshairs and now on the gallows.

Women are always the first and last victims of war. We celebrate the numberless acts of resistance of Iraqi women, whether their resilience in the face of a culture of rape, torture and murder by US and Iraqi forces, their fortitude in continuing to give life amid state-sponsored genocide, their dignity as they try to maintain a semblance of normality for their children and families, their courage in burying their husbands, sons, daughters or brothers, or in direct action against an illegal and failed military occupation.

We demand the release of Wassan, Zainab and Liqa and all political prisoners in Iraq. We call upon all persons, organisations, parliaments, workers, syndicates and states to withdraw recognition from this pro-occupation, sectarian Iraqi government. We call for immediate protest in front of every Iraqi embassy worldwide. There is no honour in murdering women. Occupation is the highest form of dictatorship. It is not these three women who should be prosecuted; it is this government and its foreign paymaster.

Hana Albayaty

Ian Douglas

Abdul Ilah Albayaty

Iman Saadoon

Dirk Adriaensens

Ayse Berktay

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First endorsers:

Dr Lieven De Cauter, initiator of the BRussells Tribunal, philosopher, K.U. Leuven / Rits - Belgium

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia, chairman of the Perdana Global Peace Organisation - Malaysia

Eduardo Galeano, Essayist, journalist, historian, and activist - Uruguay

Ramsey Clark, former attorney general of the United States, founder of the International Action Center - USA

Dr Curtis Doebbler, international human rights lawyer, professor of law at An-Najah National University - Palestine

Hans Von Sponeck, former UN assistant secretary general & UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq, 1998-2000 - Germany

Anna Karamanou, former member of the European Parliament, former chairwomen of the Committee of Women’s Rights of the European Parliament

Amy Bartholomew, professor of law - Canada

Aida Seif El Dawla, founding member and chairperson of the Egyptian Association Against Torture, El-Nadim Centre for the Psychological Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence - Egypt

Karen Parker, Attorney, Association of Humanitarian Lawyers - USA

Dr Paola Manduca, Professor of Genetics, Anti-war movement - Italy

Susan George, director of the Transnational Institute - France

Salah Omar Al Ali, former representative of Iraq at the UN, Al-Wifaq - Iraq

Nilofer Bhagwat, vice president of Indian Lawyers

Association - Mumbai / India

Fabio Marcelli, Vice secretary of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers - Italy

Saadallah Al-Fathi, former head of the Energy Studies Department at OPEC - Iraq

Mondher Adhami, research fellow at Kings College London - Iraq / UK

Wafaa Al-Natheema, founder of the Institute for Near Eastern and African Studies - USA

Dahlia Wasfi, Anti-war activist, speaker, Global Exchange - Iraq / USA

Eman Ahmed Khammas, former co-director of Occupation Watch, journalist, translator - Iraq

Dr Fadhil Bedran, author - Iraq

John Catalinotto, International Action Center - USA

Sara Flounders, International Action Center - USA

Sigyn Meder, member of the Iraq Solidarity Association - Sweden Socorro Gomes, president of the Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples’ in Struggle for Peace - Brazil

José Reinaldo Carvalho, Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples’ in Struggle for Peace - Brazil

Carlos Varea, coordinator and Spanish Campaign against Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq, CEOSI - Spain

Corinne Kumar, Secretary General of El Taller International - Tunesia / India

Khaled Mouammar, National President of the Canadian Arab Federation - Canada

Ahmed Manai, director of the Tunisian Institute for International Relations - France

Ali Al-Sarraf, author - Iraq

Hussein Al-Alak, chair of The Iraq Solidarity Campaign - UK / Iraq

Paola Pisi, founder of Uruknet - Italy

Dr Esmail Nooriala, Iranian-American writer and Lecturer on Islam University of Denver - USA

Dr Chris Busby, Scientific Secretary to the European Committee on Radiation Risk. Expert and author on DU - UK

Dr Suhair Abbas, senior lecturer at the University of Sains, Malaysia - Iraq

Mona Baker, professor of translation studies, University of Manchester - UK

Sarah Meyer, independent researcher - UK

Samia Mehrez, professor of Arabic studies - Egypt

Petros Constantinou, national coordinator, Campaign Genoa 2001 - Greece

Jean Bricmont, scientist, specialist in theoretical physics, U.C. Louvain-La-Neuve - Belgium

Yiannis Sifakakis, coordinator, Stop the War Coalition Greece - Greece

Maria Ligia Centurion Prieto, member of La Unión de Mujeres Paraguayas (Paraguay-Sud América) - Paraguay

Ludo Abicht, University of Antwerpen - Belgium

Dr Barbara Nimri Aziz, executive producer, “Tahrir”, Pacifica WBAI Radio, NY - USA

Lamis Jamal Deek, attorney, member of Al-Awda New York - Palestine

Ceylan Özerengin, journalist - Turkey

Jan-Erik Lundström, director of the BildMuseet in Umea, co-organiser of the Iraqi Equation - Sweden

Amira Howeidy, journalist, Al-Ahram - Egypt

Serene Assir, journalist, Al-Ahram - Egypt

Dr Herman De Ley, emeritus professor, Department of Philosophy and Moral Science, Ghent University - Belgium

Alison Weir, executive director, “If Americans Knew” - USA Susan Stout, Vancouver - Canada

Judith Karpova, writer, renewable energy consultant - USA Mark Richey, member of Earthlink

Gurdial Singh, professor of law, University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Yusra Marwan Jamous - Palestine

Nada Kassass, activist

Basem Khader

Meissoon Azzaria

Shokook Mirzadegi, writer and journalist

Marie Noelle Lombard

Roland Lombard

Frigga Karl

Lim Ai Yim

Malika Manai

Raymonde Coudert, lecturer at the Université Paris VII - France

Michael Letwin, co-convener New York City Labor Against the War & former president of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325 - USA

Nancy McGuire

Frans Dumortier (Charles Ducal) poet - Belgium

Geert Van Moorter, medical doctor - Belgium

Catherine Thys, translator - Belgium Laurie Bretz

Hedy Epstein, St Louis - USA

Gilda Della Ragione - Italy

Jim Harding

Janet Stoody Karin Friedemann

Hanna Braun - UK

Claude Grégoire - Luxembourg

Mirene Ghossein, NY - USA

Mireille Delamarre, publisher - France

Sara Powell - Oakland

Barbara Laxon

Megan Aghotte, NY - USA Janine Borel, Comité de lutte contre la barbarie et l’arbitraire - France

Ivan Dhondt - Belgium

Marinella Correggia - Italy

Marlene Newesri, NY - USA

Ramsis Lutfy

Judy Lutfy

Howard Johnson

Samira Kinani, Syndicalist - Morocco

Luke Skinner, founder, administrator of the Olive Branch Network

Mariana Pérez - Mexico

Asma D. Al-Haidari

Stefan van den Broeck, author/teacher - Belgium

Brigitte Demeester

Coekelberghs Ralph Irtiqa Faris

Yvonne Schmidt, Institute of International Law and International Relations, Karl-Franzens-University of Graz - Austria

Dee Reynolds, School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures, University of Manchester - UK

Rich Siegel - USA

Daria I. A. Mercer - Canada

Mohammed Mrabti

Frank Stappaerts, Antwerpen - Belgium

Susan Stout, Vancouver - Canada

Nadia Soubat, Syndicalist at the Democratic Confederation of Labor - Morocco

Shannon Lee Mannion, member of the Nowar/Paix and Together Against War groups in Ottawa - Canada

Sally Bland, teacher and writer, resident in Amman - Jordan

Violette Daguerre, member of the Commission Arab of Human Rights - France

Ahmed Simozrag: Algerian lawyer

Gérard CHEVROT - France

Paul Vanden Bavière - Belgium

Enrique Ferro, peace activist - Belgium

El Madani El Wafi

D.A. Thomson, Vancouver - Canada

Agatha Haun, free-lance translator

Eileen Lundy, Ph.D., texas - USA

Dr Helen Hills, Reader in History of Art, University of York

Athan Gregoriades

Christopher Norris, Distinguished Research Professor in Philosophy, Cardiff University, Wales - UK

Sulafah Awad

Heike Weber

Bannoura Awad

Haitham Awa

Ghassan Hassaki

Nesrien Amro

Ramia Rashied

Samia Rashied Ezdihar Al Haj


Jean-Pierre ROBERT, webmaster Roncq - France

Jeanne vercheval-Vervoort

Ginette hss skandrani, écologiste - France

Jean-Paul CRUSE, Journaliste indépendant, écrivain Le Monde Réel - France

Robert Hunger Fredericton, NB - Canada

Malika Abdelaziz

Merih IPEK, Turkey

Diakalia OUATTARA - Côte d’Ivoire

Sungur SAVRAN, author, economist - Turkey ...


Agir Contre la Guerre (ACG)

Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition - NY

Americans Against War (AAW)

Asian Women’s Human Rights Council, India

Association of Humanitarian Lawyers - USA

BRussells Tribunal Committee

Campaign Genoa 2001 - Greece

Canadian Arab Federation - Canada

Centre for Development Studies, India

Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos e Luta pela Paz Cebrapaz - Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples’ in Struggle for Peace - Brazil

Comite de lutte contre la barbarie et l’arbitraire - France El Taller International, Tunis

Gender Equity Unit, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Gerald and Maas

Institute of Philosophy, Cuba

International Action Center - USA

International Anti-Occupation Network

International Movement for a Just World (JUST)

Iraq Solidarity Association - Stockholm

La Unión de Mujeres Paraguayas - Paraguay

le comite de la femme/cnop

le comite de la femme/redal

les organisations de femmes de l’umt/rabat

Lola Kompanyera, Phillipines

l’organisation de la femme ouvriere

l’union des femmes fonctionairs,l’org de la femme du secteur agricole

New Jersey Solidarity- Activists for the Liberation of Palestine

Planete Non-Violence

Resistance & Alternative

Spanish Campaign against Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq, CEOSI

Stop The War Coalition - Greece


The Women in black of Portland Or

Tunisian Institute of International Relations - France

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