Dr. Heba Kotb. the first arab TV programme about sex.


Despite that sexual relationship is highly secret and highly recommended religiously (so long as it is inside marriage-bond ), it was for a long long time that just mentioning sex was considered shameful and even sinful; this resulted in nothing but considerable lost concerning this issue.

Here comes the role of professionals in promoting or restoring sexual health, and from the clarification of this role, come the recommendations to attain maximal pleasure from that highly valuable gift of God; that’s SEX. There are three basic elements for better sexual life and health:


A capacity to enjoy and control sexual behavior in accordance with a social and personal ethic


Freedom from fear, shame, guilt, false beliefs, and other psychological factors inhibiting sexual response and impairing sexual relationships


Freedom from organic disorders, diseases, and deficiencies that interfere with sexual functions.

It is to be known that magnificent sexual life is a completely attainable goal for just cbout everyone. Sex classes are designed to help everyone enhance his/her communication and love-making by telling some specific sexual techniques and knowledge to reach complete sexual satisfaction. Sex classes allover the world has helped thousands of couples improve their love lives and build happier marriages.

Actually, the problem is bigger for women; the vast majority of whom do not have satisfying sex lives. Women want sexual fulfillment but are sometimes unsure about how to express their needs or improve their sex lives. This also promotes a climate of honesty, caring and awareness that deepens the connection between men and women.


5th January 2007


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