Women of the Mediterranean: working for the future. Conclusions

Sevilla, 2, 3 March 2006

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-  We, people and associations gathered together in Seville 2nd and 3rd March 2006 per initiative of Fundacin Tres Culturas, declare after our Mediterranean encounter, that peace and security are key elements in women fight. We do also declare that there only can be equality between men and women if all forms of violence suffered by women are abolished:

-   Violence by means of war.

-   Legal Violence due to the legal non-egalitarian statute which damages their access to a whole and full citizenship.

-   Violence in the conjugal daily life, intra extra familiar, being the violation many times minimized even denied.

-   Economic Violence due to unemployment which mainly affects women.

In consequence, we do decide:

To establish a network to make known and develop our actions.

To promote the access to new technologies and their use to women.

To fight against the weak representation of women, against their lack of weight and visibility in the political world.

To gather regularly with other feminine Mediterranean associations with the aim of making the Mediterranean a meeting and intercultural interchanges place.

3rd March 2006


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