The Women Say NO To War campaign


Women are mobilizing women around the globe to call for an end to the occupation and the violence in Iraq. With the majority of people in Iraq, the U.S., the U.K., and around the world opposing this war, now is the time for women to step forward and make our opposition more visible and vocal.

With the launch of Women Say No To War Campaign, we are asking women around the world to sign on to the Women’s Call for Peace.

We hope to obtain a minimum of 100,000 signatures by International Women’s Day on March 8, 2006, when US and Iraqi women will deliver these signatures to leaders in Washington DC and women around the world will deliver them to US embassies.

Following a very successful event, Sunday (march 5) in New York, the Iraqi women (invited by CODEPINK who initiate the compain )finished their press conference in the UN just in time to watch their friends, Cindy Sheehan and Medea Benjamin ( from CODEPINK) be dragged off by cops and jailed for trying to deliver the truth. The week of International Women’s Day has begun...

Last we checked, there were March 8 anti-war actions planned in 18 countries and 65 cities in the US!

In Hyderabad, Pakistan a group will go to their US Embassy with signatures and a message that "the Pakistani people don’t want war in Iraq."

In Cairo, Egypt they are going to both the US and UK Embassies.

On the Fiji island of Suva, women have been wearing pink every Wednesday to spread awareness and get more signatures to deliver to the US Embassy on their island.

In Venezuela, after hearing the call from President Hugo Chavez to support the Women Say NO To War campaign, a brand new CODEPINK Caracas chapter formed last week and is organizing an action on March 8th.

In Tucson, Arizona women will hold a rolling fast leading up to a huge rally on the anniversary of the occupation of Iraq, March 18.

In Oakland, California women will march from the military recruiting center to a church where women of color soldiers will speak out in opposition to this war.

In Los Angeles, over 2,000 women will gather to create an aerial peace image.

With the escalating violence in Iraq claiming the lives of 1,300 people in the past week, it is more critical than ever to come together to demand an end to the occupation and the violence.


Extracts of the petition:

Women’s Call for Peace: An Urgent Appeal

We, the women of the United States, Iraq and women worldwide, have had enough of the senseless war in Iraq and the cruel attacks on civilians around the world. (...)

We have seen how the foreign occupation of Iraq has fueled an armed movement against it, perpetuating an endless cycle of violence. We are convinced that it is time to shift from a military model to a conflict-resolution model that includes the following elements:

· The withdrawal of all foreign troops and foreign fighters from Iraq;

· Negotiations to reincorporate disenfranchised Iraqis into all aspects of Iraqi society;

· The full representation of women in the peacemaking process and a commitment to women’s full equality in the post-war Iraq;

· A commitment to discard plans for any foreign bases in Iraq;

· Iraqi control of its oil and other resources;

· The nullification of privatization and deregulation laws imposed under occupation, allowing Iraqis to shape the trajectory of the post-war economy;

· A massive reconstruction effort that prioritizes Iraqi contractors, and draws upon financial resources of the countries responsible for the invasion and occupation of Iraq;

· Consideration of a temporary international peacekeeping force that is truly multilateral and is not composed of any troops from countries that participated in the occupation.

To move this peace process forward, we are creating a massive movement of women - crossing generations, races, ethnicities, religions, borders and political persuasions.

Together, we will pressure our governments, the United Nations, the Arab League, Nobel Peace Prize winners, religious leaders and others in the international community to step forward to help negotiate a political settlement. And in this era of divisive fundamentalisms, we call upon world leaders to join us in spreading the fundamental values of love for the human family and for our precious planet.;=WSNTW2.dwt

9th March 2006


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