Workshop: Supporting the Rights of Rural Women in Participation. Egypt

El Cairo 9th of july 2005


Land Center For Human Right (LCHR) will hold a workshop entitled: “Supporting the Rights of Rural Women in Participation”

On the 9th of July 2005 in Caritas Misr Association

The world has witnessed rapid international political changes and events during the last few years, a lot of people talked about the importance of reforming the political and social systems in many areas of the world to follow up these changes.

In this context, and on the local and regional level, international, American and European initiatives have been made for reform, Arabian governments and NGOs have made other initiatives and programs for political reform, and the Egyptian government has responded by making a slight modification on clause no. 76 of the constitution that allow elections between more than one candidate on the presidency of the republic, but the difficult and maybe impossible conditions included in this modification, made a lot of the political forces refuse it and boycott the plebiscite on accepting or refusing the modification, these events come under the weakness of the political parties and forces because of the imposed binds on their activities in Egypt, but that didn’t prevent these forces, parties and NGOs from declaring their demands for the necessity of democratic and social change and reform, and reinforcing the political participation of women.

In this context, comes the importance of the LCHR workshop, especially under two events that Egypt will witness during the second half of the current year:

1. The presidency elections. 2. The people’s council elections. Which impose us as NGOs to reinforce and support the right in participation with the aim of supporting the democratic development in our country.

The workshop tries to identify the purport of the right in political and social participation and other forms of participation, the workshop will also present the reasons behind the abstention of women in Egypt, especially the abstention of rural women from participating in the political life.

The workshop agenda will include identifying the different sides of the political and social participation to deepen the understanding of the political participation issues, especially for women.

The workshop will also show the importance of the role of the parties, political forces and NGOs in reinforcing the values of participation and the democratic development of our country.

The workshop will work on reinforcing cooperation and joint work between the civil society foundations for a free and democratic country, and to support citizen rights in Egypt in developing their participation, improving their conditions and guaranteeing their rights in a better world.

The Workshop Agenda

9:30 - 10:30 a.m Opening Speech about:

“The national and international changes and their effects on the right in participation in Egypt”

-   Mr. Abdel Ghaffar Shukr.
-   Dr. Mustafa Kamel El Sayed.
-   Mr. Karam Saber.

10:30 - 12:30 p.m The First Session

-   Chairman Mr Farid Zahran.
-   Dr. Ola Abu Zeid "The political and social background for the right of rural women in participation"
-   MS. Farida El Naqash "The status of rural women in the internal and external reform programs and initiatives"
-   Ms. Nawla Darweesh "The role of women in the upcoming presidential and people’s council elections"

12:45 - 2:30 p.m The Second Session

-   Chairman Dr. Ahmed Thabet.
-   Ms. Azza Soliman "The reasons behind the abstention of rural women from participation"
-   Dr. Afaf Mar’ey "The rights of rural women in social participation"

3:30 - 5:30 p.m The Third Session
-   Chairman Mr. Mahmoud Ali.
-   Mr. Nigad El Bora’ey "The role of the parties in supporting the rights of rural women in participation"
-   Dr. Mahmoud Murtada "The National associations and their role in supporting the rights of rural women"

5:30 - 7:00 p.m The Fourth Session
-   Dr. Yousry Mustafa "Strategies to support the right of rural women in participation"

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10th June 2005


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