Egyptian Center for Women’s Rigths (ECWR)


135 Misr Helwan El-Zeraay
2nd floor, Suite 3
El Maadi

Tel/Fax: +202 527-1397



The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) is an independent, non-governmental organization that was founded in 1996 by six young women in Dar el Salam in order to improve the political and human status of women in Egypt and the Arab region. ECWR’s work is based on the belief that women’s rights are an integral part of human rights and are key to any substantive progress towards building a democratic culture and development in Egypt and the Middle East region. Our programs help women to obtain their rights through legal channels, awareness raising, training, legal and family counseling, monitoring of rights violations inflicted on women, and empowering women to participate in political life through a variety of means, as an activist, voter and candidate.

ECWR carries out programs and projects at the grassroots level that cover all areas of Egypt, urban and rural, in addition to our advocacy work on the official level and coalition and capacity building activities among civil society in Egypt and the Arab region. Our track record of success in these endeavors is evidenced by being named Winner of the World Bank’s 2000 Development Marketplace and one of the World’s 10 Best Development Programs in 2002.

10th February 2005


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