Roundtable: Women’s Representation in Parliament The Quota System: Constitutionality Versus Necessity. El Cairo (Egypt)

16 January 2005


The roundtable will be held on Sunday, 16 January, 2005 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Semiramis Hotel, Corniche El-Nile, Garden City, Cairo.

Egypt will hold a number of elections in 2005, including those for Parliament and the professional syndicates. Many syndicates are already preparing for the elections, making 2005 a very important year politically.

In addition, Egypt will vote for its President and many events are planned both locally, including political reform initiatives, and internationally.

However, political participation in Egypt remains limited, especially in terms of women’s absence from the Egyptian political arena. This stands in contrast to the official declaration for governmental and non-governmental organizations, and leads us to question the sincerity of official recommendations that supposedly assure the political participation of women.

It is therefore important to think about re-establishing a quota system for women in the Legislative Councils and to continue working with journalists on the campaign outlined for 2005 on this issue.

ECWR will hold a roundtable discussion comparing a quota system for women in the Legislative Councils to direct appointments. We will also study the effects of the electoral system on political participation and the best ways to encourage political participation by women.

16 enero 2005


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