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Aaccording to Aman, recently (2003), the Syrian Women’s Union sponsored a study on Violence and Discrimination against Women in Syria.

The study was conducted by two researchers, Najwa Kassab Hasan (Head of the Research and Planning Bureau, and the Bureau of Central Statistics) and Raghda Ahmad (Head of the Central Legal and Health Bureaus).

Information was collected through interviews with 240 battered women and women who suffered from forms of discrimination by their families and the general society.

The study describes the profile of women victims of violence and discrimination in Syria and points out to the prevalence of these situations in the family whereas both the Constitution and the Civil Codes safeguard equal treatment of men and women in the community.

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4th January 2005


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    15th November 2006, by Friend
    bismillahhirahmaniraheem salam alikum wrh wb i need help please some one tell me any organisation of women or NGO who can suport and protect a women she has been abused by her father i want any contact email or adress or phone number of any women suportive org in DAMASCUS please send on this email
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    16th July 2006, by Jeanne Chauvel

    Dear Mrs, Dear Sir,

    Where can we find this study on Violence and Discrimination against Women in Syria? Wher can we find statistics about the situation of women in Syria? It would help me a lot if you could send me some information about these studies and statistics on my e-mail adresse : or


    Jeanne Chauvel


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