AWMR - Association of Women of the Medeterranean Region

Malta - 1992


AWMR unites women from Albania, Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, and the countries of ex-Yugoslavia to:


Work toward and achieve a just and peaceful solution to conflicts *

Demilitarize and Denuclearize the Mediterranean Region as well as actively support all other movements for global disarmament *

Foster the health and well—being of the most vulnerable amongst us, and to end all forms of violence against women *

Abolish sexual discrimination, oppression and exploitation, including all forms of violence against women *

Achieve Human Rights, real Democracy and Sustainable Development *

Work for and achieve the welfare and rights of children, irrespective of racial, social cultural and family background *

Promote education for Justice, Equality and Peace at all levels with special attention to the family, schools and the media *

Formulate and initiate common action in order to achieve a Mediterranean Region free of pollution; to halt wanton ecological destruction and to safeguard our sea, air, soil, and water.

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17th November 2003


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