FGM Networking and Education Project


What is the purpose of the FGM Education and Networking Project?

The purpose of the FGM Education and Networking Project is the dissemination on-line and offline of material related to female genital mutilation, otherwise known as female circumcision. The Project seeks to form an online clearinghouse and a community for researchers, activists, attorneys, and health care practitioners to obtain information and network with others involved in similar projects.

Who is the Director of this Project?

Marianne Sarkis, MA, is the director of the FGC Education and Networking Project, which has been in existence since 1995. Marianne Sarkis was a featured speaker at the Fifth International Symposium on Sexual Mutilations held in 2001 at Oxford University, and has since then spoken at numerous conferences and conducted workshops for various agencies throughout the country. Additionally, she has conducted trainings for pre-med students, and practices family physicians regarding the issue of FGC. During her years of research, Marianne has connected and networked with international activists, researchers, and health care practitioners who are currently involved in the prevention of FGM on a national and international level, and she is a candidate for M.A. degree in Medical Anthropology at the University of South Florida. Marianne is currenly pursuing a PhD in cultural anthropology at Florida State University.

How did this Project start?

The Project officially began when the Director was interning at the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC) in the fall of 1996. The WebPage was launched in 1995 as a personal WebPage to create more awareness about FGM because, at the time, very few web pages addressed the issue. [ Back to Top ]

Are the FGM-L and CIRCUM-L mailing lists also part of this Project?

Yes. Both mailing lists are part of this Project. The FGM-L list provides a forum for discussion with researchers, activists, doctors, attorneys, etc, and provides them with a forum to network and talk about issues related to FGM. The CIRCUM-L started as an "alternative" forum to provide a discussion place for issues relating to both male and female genital cutting. It started because some people felt that the FGM-L was not an appropriate forum for the thorough discussion of issues relating to MGM. Why is there information about male circumcision on a site devoted to FGM?

Because the discussion of one without the other is biased and incomplete. Both issues need to be understood from a historical, biological, religious and especially cultural perspectives. The two issues have a lot of similarities in the way they are approached from the medical establishment and from culture. For a very informative article, read Hanny Lightfoot-Klein’s article on the similarities and differences between the two issues. However, since we cannot provide a thorough analysis and discussion of the issue of MGM, some links were provided that would be more useful and comprehensive than what is provided here. To view some of these, look at the links section of this WebSite.

Can I submit articles for inclusion in your WebSite?

Submissions are always welcomed at this WebSite. Remember, the main focus of this site is the dissemination of information related to FGM. So, if you’ve written an article or a paper for a class, and you’d like to include it here, please send it using the Email Feedback Form. All submissions are subject to review. Editing, if needed, will be done in cooperation with the author and the Director.

Website : http://www.fgmnetwork.org/html/index.php

30th May 2004


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