Association Najdeh


Association Najdeh is a Lebanese NGO that works in and around the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, targeting primarily women and children. Najdeh has projects in Beirut, Tripoli (north), Sidon (south), Tyre (south-south) and Beqaa (central north).

Najdeh offers several programs including vocational training, literacy, scholastic tutorials and English language classes, as well as social assistance by providing educational scholarships and health care for the women and their families. Loans for income generating projects are also disbursed to eligible beneficiaries, while the pre-school education program encompasses several kindergartens and a nursery, Simultaneously, the projects’ consciousness raisingcommunity ctivities on basic human rights and civil righs also contribute in society building and community participation.

Association Najdeh is also a member of the Palestinian NGO Forum as well as the Emergency Hospitalization Committee. It is a member of regional and international networks, such as AISHA (Arab Women NGO Forum) and the Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children (USA).

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