Palestinian arab women in Israel: Violence Against Women


Prevention of Domestic Violence Law:

was drafted to regulate against domestic violence and provide for procedures for restraining violent men. However, statistics (16) prove that 50% of Arab married women are beaten at least once a year; 25% are beaten at least once every six months. Few women come forward to report this violence. In 1997, 179 women came to Arab crisis centres as a result of beatings and threats on their lives.

Honour Killings:

In 1998, 6 Arab women were murdered in the name of what is known as family honour. Women’s groups have recorded 66 cases of murder in the last seven years. The murder of Arab women is the ultimate conclusion to the processes of discrimination that Arab women in Israel face. The authorities fail to offer women sufficient protection. In a number of cases in recent years, when women went to the police for their own safety, the police returned them home, only to find a few days later that they had been killed.

Font: The Arab Association for Human Rights

30 diciembre 2003


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