Women in Politics


Safiyya Zaghloul "Mother of Egyptians" (1878-1946 )

Safiyya Zaghloul, commonly known as the "Mother of Egyptians", is the wife of nationalist leader of the 1919 Revolution; Saad Zaghloul.

DORREYA SHAFIQ 1987 - 1899

Mrs. Dorreya Shafik founded "(Bent El Nil) Nile’s Daughter Union" in 1948 as a feminist political party to be a step on the path of Egyptian women’s struggle for her rights including many social and political demands on the Egyptian foreign policy scale.


The first feminist legal university professor to be entrusted as a constitutional and legislative committee chair woman at the People’s Assembly.


Led first women’s demonstration in Egypt in 1919. Formed "the Wafd Party’s Central Committee on Women", which was in charge of supervising women’s participation in the national movement at that time.

Siza Nabarawi

A prominent leader and founder of the Egyptian feminist movement, and close companion of Mrs., Hoda Sharawi, and Mrs. Sharawi dedicated her life and active career to the struggle for the emancipation of women.

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