The Arab Alliance of Women in Music (AAWM)



The Arab Alliance of Women in Music (AAWM) based in Jordan is devoted to fulfilling the purposes of creativity and communication in music, including traditional and contemporary music.

The AAWM was created on November25 , 1998and registered with the Jordanian Ministry of Culture on24 /1/ 2000under Reference number256 /12/8.

Today we exist as a NGO.

We are a coalition of professional composers, performers, musicologists, educators, librarians and lovers of music, men as well as women.

AAWM encourages the activities of women in music through the following objectives:

-  Establishment of the history and role of women-musicians in the history of the Arab world.

-  Collection of information on women who performed and played vital roles in the development of music culture in our region and the publication of this material in the form of a dictionary.

-  Communication with local, regional and international bodies in the field of music.

-  Establishment of contacts with women-musicians in Arab countries.

-  Cooperation with other organizations and associations, local and international, involved in the activities that are related to those of AAWM.

-  Maintaining no political or religious affiliations.

Communication languages: Arabic and English


30th November 2004


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