Rights of the muslim women in Morrocco

By Fadela Sebti


The Muslim woman in Morocco is considered an adult when it comes to managing her own patrimony or exercising her civil rights. Yet she remains a minor under the law for other civil acts: concluding her marriage, for instance, or managing her children’s estate. She is subject to both the discriminatory laws of the Code of Personal Status and Inheritance and the more universal laws of human rights.

Morocco has tried to reconcile the law of the Koran with the universal human rights laid down in the country’s Constitution. It has resulted in two sets of legislation - one that is open and liberal for matters relating to public law, and another that is closed when it comes to applying private law.

Women are the first victims of this dichotomy because most of the restrictive laws apply to the private sphere. But they are trying to change that to live their private lives under the general principles of human rights as well. They are forming associations - whose number is growing every day - and publishing more articles advancing their cause.

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17th November 2003


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